maandag 24 juli 2017

Give us our country back

Top Patrick Mejia comment on this u tube video

I'm sick of having to hear about the Jewish holocaust. I'm Native American and NO ONE in America EVER wants to talk about OUR holocaust that the American government did to us. I have to hear a bunch of Jews bitch about a event that took place in Eastern Europe by a German military and they DEMAND that I cry and express sympathy towards their feelings otherwise I'm a "anti-semite" but when I bring up the FACT that 18 MILLION Native Americans were systematically butchered by the U.S. government and on the very land we are standing on, they shrug it off as not being anything compared to what they've been through and ignore what us Natives went through. Why don't we have a museum in the U.S. to commemorate the holocaust that happened on U.S. soil? Six million Jews are said to have died by the Nazis and we say "Oh my God! How horrible!" but eighteen million Native Americans were slaughtered, our land stolen,our libraries containing our history destroyed and our books burned in order to destroy our identity,the false and disgusting stories that these pigs wrote about us and shamefully presented to the world as our "history",the families of our Kings and Queens annihilated so that at no time in the future can their descendants stake a legitimate claim back to their land (which rightfully belongs to us)...I can go on and on about what was done to us Native Americans and it is the SICKEST shit that was ever done to a people on earth. The U.S. government even wiped some of our tribes of the face of the earth! That's right! A whole culture does not exist today as a result of the American holocaust. No other nation or people has ever been so evil and heartless to commit such a crime against humanity...only the U.S. which perpetuates the suffering of the Jewish holocaust in this country to divert attention from the genocide they committed on this land we are living on.

So what about us? Where is our justice? Give us our country back. 

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