vrijdag 14 juli 2017

Some dude on the evil machinations of popery

Comment made under this video:

Yep, James Corbett is a Jesuit.
For more proof, just check this attack on Zionism on his channel, that he made recently.

I am also a Zionist, and very thankful you help us out bro.
Not Jewish though, although I wouldn't mind.
I'm just in appreciation towards Jesus the Jew and His people.

The battle between Jews and Catholics that animated Western Culture?
Okay, Hitler was a Roman Catholic, Jews where in gas chambers!
This Dr. Karlstrom is a filthy boy buggering Jesuit, that's obvious to any one.

I may add to that research, if you don't know already, that Kurt Waldheim was a Jew that helped to persecute Jews for the Catholics in Europe under Hitler.
He became the UN chief.

Eric Jon Phelps beats you on the CIA though.
He always names it, Catholics in Action, and not intelligent as you do. Betraying your country, while believing you serve your country, is not very intelligent. But lots of action.

Holland and Japan banned popery from their land for 200 years. From about 1600's to 1800 AD, Catholicism was illegal in those two countries. Will USA also come to its senses? The only thing left of this tradition, is the British Parliament, where for as far as I know, still no Roman Catholic is allowed. Tony Blair had to resign from office, before being able to be baptized into popery. But there are Dutch and Japanese papists again. Where we really freed in 1945? If Catholics still are able to occupy their once most feared enemy, the Dutch Republic? Can't be repaired, the Jesuits burned all our laws and rules! By Jan Roothaan, who was rewarded to become the Jesuit General. The one that ruled Pater de Smet.

Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Francesco Franco, Aloysius Stepinac, they where Catholics first and only later Nazi's, Fascists, Falangists, Ustasha.

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